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From thinning to final felling - New John Deere 10

John Deere Harvester 1070 TimberjackThe John Deere 1070D Eco III harvester is the latest addition to the John Deere Eco III product portfolio. Deliveries of the John Deere 1070D Eco III model will start at the end of October.
Like the bigger harvester models, the John Deere 1070D ECO III harvester is equipped with a John Deere PowerTech PlusTM engine. The engine complies with the stringent Tier III emissions regulations and offers best-in-class fuel economy.
EcoPull is a new software feature that optimizes the engine’s RPMs with a hydrostatic transmission ratio to achieve the desired vehicle speed at the lowest possible RPMs. EcoPull can be used in both slow and fast driving conditions. EcoPull automatically engages in slow driving in the forest. EcoPull can also be engaged during fast driving on level, easy terrain, like on a forest road. EcoPull reduces noise levels and fuel consumption and thus daily operating costs.
The engine’s work RPMs are automatically lowered to idle if the boom is not used within the set time. The RPMs automatically increase once the work is resumed.

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