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The Quality Of China Brown Film For Film Faced Ply

The quality of China brown film is getting better and better. A lot of customers start to choose brown film of Chinese brands for their shuttering film faced plywood .

Shuttering Plywood is usually overlaid by film . The film is a piece of good paper impregnated resins (usually phenolic resins) . The impregnated resin content in the paper is one of important factors which determine the quality of film .

The brown film of Chinese brands can be classified into 3 quality grades: economical grade,  ordinary grade and high grade.

The economical brown film is cheap and the quality is acceptable . But factories usually prefer to use brown film of ordinary grade .

As for shuttering purpose, the quality of ordinary brown film is good enough. Furthermore, ordinary brown film is about 15% cheaper than the Chinese brown film of high grade.

In my view, I recommend ordinary brown film for ordinary shuttering plywood.


The Chinese brown film of high grade is as good as some imported brown film. Now, the Chinese brown film of high grade is a little cheaper or almost as expensive as some imported brown film . But usually, customers don’t know this .

Usually, as for shuttering plywood, the imported brown film is 120g/m2 ; the brown film of Chinese brand is usually 140g/m2 or more. If the film is heavier, the film is impregnated more resins which can improve the quality of film .

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