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             Introduction of variety of products

Ⅰ. Decoration and furniture categories

ⅰ. Face veneers :
1.   Birch:

(1) White birch (2) Natural birch (3) Red birch
2.   DaBaiMu
3.   Poplar
4.   Okoume
5.   Bintangor
6.   Meranti
7.   Basswood
8.   LVL
9.   Fire – proof board
10. Decorationboard:
Walnut,Oak,Cherry,Maple ,Beech,Teak,Sapele,Mahogany,Almug,
Sophora,Cedar and so on .
11. Fir
12. Olive
13. Pine
14. Spruce
15. Veneer Faced MDF and Veneer Faced Particle Board
16. Veneer Faced Plywood
17. Melamine Paper
18. Agathis
ⅱ. Core material :
⒈ Poplar ⒉Hardwood ⒊ Meranti⒋ Birch 5.Pine 6.Okoume 7.Mixed   wood  8. Phoenix tree  9.HDF 10.MDF 11. Particle board 12. Bamboo and so on .

ⅲ. Glues : MR, E1, E2


Ⅱ. Floor Board

ⅰ. Material:
⒈ Poplar ⒉Hardwood ⒊ Meranti ⒋ Birch 5.Pne 6.Okoume 7.Mixed   wood  8. Phoenix tree  9.HDF 10.MDF 11. Particle board 12. Bamboo and so on .

ⅲ. Glues : MR, E1, E2 ,WBP, Melamine

ⅳ. Specifications are up to the customers' demand.

Ⅲ. Industrial Board

. Face and back Veneers
⒈ Poplar ⒉ Okoume ⒊ Meranti ⒋ Birch ⒌ DaBaiMu 6.Olive  7.Pine 8. Fir 9. Spruce 10. Basswood

ⅱ. Categories for using performance:
⒈ Bus Decoration Board ⒉ Industrial Package Board ⒊ Furniture Inner board 4.container platform board 5.Family Decoration board

ⅲ. Glues: MR, E2, WBP, E1

ⅳ. Core material:
⒈ Poplar ⒉ Hardwood ⒊ Meranti ⒋ Birch ⒌ DaBaiMu 6.Olive  7.Pine 8. Fir 9. Spruce 10. Basswood  11.Okoume 12.Mixed wood

ⅴ. Specifications: 1220*2440 / 1250*2500 mm

Ⅳ. Construction Board

ⅰ. Exterior construction board:⒈ Poplar ⒉ Hardwood ⒊ Meranti ⒋ Birch ⒌ DaBaiMu 6.Olive  7.Pine 8. Fir 9. Spruce 10. Basswood  11.Okoume 12.Mixed wood

ⅱ. Film Faced Plywood for construction (shutting plywood)
⒈ Face and back veneers: Brown color ,Black color
ⅳ. Specifications: 1220*2440 / 1250*2500 mm

⒉ Membranes: Chinese film and imported film

ⅲ. Core Material: ⒈ Poplar ⒉ Hardwood ⒊ Meranti ⒋ Birch 5.DaBaiMu 6.Olive  7.Pine 8. Fir 9. Spruce 10. Basswood  11.Okoume 12.Mixed wood
ⅳ. Specifications: 1220*2440 / 1250*2500 mm *(4-25 mm)

ⅴ. Glues: MR, WBP

Building plywood
This includes a variety of plywoods: industrial plywood for concrete forming, including film faced plywood; construction plywood; and underlayment for lining floors before installing tile.
Furniture plywood
This is your basic furniture plywood.  We make these sheets with a sound core and can put any kind of face and back that you need.
Strip-core plywood
Strip-core plywood is a weak and cheap plywood that should only be used for small manufactured items.  It is a very good alternative to more expensive boards when the structure is not so strong.
Engineered  flooring
Engineered flooring is another type of plywood. Plies are laid layer by layer with grains going in opposite directions to increase strength, and then a hardwood veneer is fixed on top to give an attractive look.
Hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring is one layer of solid sturdy local hardwood, and a top layer of  one of the tropical and hardwoods you see from our website .
Doors can be made a lot of different ways: the most common is to make it from blockboard, but there might be any combination of mdf, blockboard, hardwood, etc.  The designs presented from our website . are an out-of-date style, but we can custom manufacture.
Fancy plywood
Here, you'll find a large variety of any plywood face you can think of, engineered and natural.  If we do not have the type of face you're looking for, we'll even custom engineer one for you.
Packing plywood
To the left is a picture of our standard packing plywood, which is generally manufactured with a poplar core. Appearance not important, it has no face and back, but this is a strong sturdy plywood that will be adequate for any packing application.
    This plywood is used quite extensively for concrete forming applications; however, we would recommend a film faced plywood for concrete forming instead.
    This plywood may also be used for some construction purposes, depending on a variety of factors including the building code in your area and the size and planned life of the building.  For many building applications, the poplar core should be changed to a pine or meranti core.
    Pls mails us  for more details.  Discuss your project with us and we will be able to manufacture the right plywood for you.  The Building Code laws for your area should be discussed with your local authorities.

Film-faced plywood
Our film-faced plywood is the best plywood for concrete forming applications.
    It comes in a poplar or meranti core (or others to your specifications).  While it is common to use a plywood like our packing plywood for concrete forming applications because of its price (film-faced plywood is around 200% the price of packing plywood), it is wrong to think that it is more expensive.  In fact, because this plywood can be used at least five times, the price is actually about 40% of "cheaper" plywoods.
    The cores of this plywood are whole layers for strength, and we use WBP (water-proof) glue.  The film is made by the Finnish company Dynea, and so is a high-quality film not subject to defects such as cracking common in other companys' film-faced plywood.
Please mail us for information on pricing, shipping, and other details.

    This is a plywood that is used during the installation of floorings, such as vinyl or ceramic tiles laid above a concrete or plywood/OSB floor.  The general specs are a 5mm sheet with a whole layer poplar core, WBP (water-proof) glue, and a meranti face and back, one side sanded.
    There are, of course, many variations depending on your application, the quality you need, and what your customers expect.
    If you are a contractor and using this plywood as an end-user, then appearance will not be as important as use, so you might not have a face and a back, which can greatly reduce your costs.
    However, if you're a distributor, looks may be more important, so you'll want a meranti or a birch face.  Depending on your customers' quality requirements, you might also change to a plywood that has several veneers per layer, which can reduce your cost.
    Pls mail us to discuss your business so we can help you find the plywood you need.



Wood species used in marine plywood

We currently sell plywood made of Fir, Meranti and Okoume.

Fir is used to manufacture our XL marine plywood. It is inexpensive and has good mechanical properties. It is slightly more difficult to bend than Okoume.
Our fir plywood is chemically treated to resist rot but not as heavy as pressure treated wood.


Fir plywood is of the sliced type as opposed to rotary cut plywood.
Our fir plywood has a better surface than fir marine sold in home improvement stores but the surface aspect is rougher than Meranti or Okoume.
Unless covered by fiberglass, fir will check. This means that the wood grain will appear through paint and primer. It is an ideal plywood if it's surface is fiberglassed.

Meranti is an Asian wood in the mahogany family. Meranti plywood is rotary cut, has reddish color and an excellent surface aspect.


Our Meranti plywood is manufactured to the highest standard, is graded BS1088 and has the Lloyds approval. It is 20% heavier and slightly more difficult to bend than Okoume but it has better mechanical properties and better resistance to rot. It also cost less than Okoume. Meranti is our plywood of choice.

Okoume, also named Gabon after it's country of origin, is lighter and more flexible.

It is ideal for hulls with pronounced curves. Our rotary cut Okoume is rated BS1088 and has the Lloyd's Register approval.


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