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Introduction of main products' distinctive  characteristics


Ⅱ. For floor board
  This company supplies 4 kinds of floorboard: birch, poplar, poplar and hardwood and meranti. Respective characteristics is :
  1. Birch: knaggy slot, fine lubricity, hard texture and without out of shape.
  2. Poplar: pure white, brisk texture, proper consistency and easy to cut and rectify.
  3. Poplar and hardwood: moderate quality, without out of shape, better intensity than poplar.
  4. Meranti: dark and deep color, large density, slot-opening, fine intensity, smoother than poplar. It is the traditional material for floorboard.
Ⅲ. For industry
  This company supplies 2 kinds of boards for industry: one is for industrial decoration. Such as inner decoration for transportation, inner decoration board, electric appliance, electronic instrument and high-grade outside packaging; the other is for outdoor construction, simple board for civil use, middle and lower grade packaging. Kinds of material of core are poplar, meranti and poplar and hardwood; kinds of material of face veneer are poplar, DaBaiMu, okoume, meranti and birch and so on. Each characteristic has been introduced above. For difference, industrial decoration boards commonly use WBP glue. For the purpose of good intensity and effects of water-proof and moisture-proof. Others use MR glue to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency.

Ⅳ. For construction.
  1. Outdoor construction and decoration.
This kind of board usually uses WBP glue. Kinds of core material according to different customers are poplar, meranti, poplar and hardwood, hardwood and birch and so on. Characteristics are water-proof, moisture-proof, large density and fine intensity.
  2. Film faced plywood for construction
This kind of material replaced the traditional steel board is suitable for super high way, bridge and construction. Characteristics show : ① can be cut at will according to demand ② recycled , good ones can be reused for 150 times ③ save time and labor because of the large square ④ can be finished one time depends on the good lubricity ⑤ low cost as integrated usage, especially for skyscraper
bamboo flooring
Perhaps one of the greatest breakthroughs in sustainable development in recent years, bamboo has a bright future as a naturally beautiful and incredibly durable alternative to our limited global supply of hardwood.

Though bamboo is a one of the oldest building materials known to humanity, it is a relative newcomer to the natural molding market. Strong, long-lasting, ecologically friendly, and absolutely beautiful, bamboo is quite possible the perfect product. Increasingly popular, the future of bamboo is bright.
Ⅰ. For decoration and furniture
 1. Products with poplar face and back
  Products with Chinese poplar face and back, of which the main colors are silvery-white, yellowish-white and reddish-white. Long and thin fiber, fine and delicate growth ring, the grain is just like a Chinese landscape painting; all of which make this kind of products beautiful and elegant and suitable for middle and high grade furniture and interior decoration..
 2. Products with “BaiYunXiang” face and back
  “BaiYunXiang” grows in the border between YunNan China and Burma, which is locally named by “ DaBaiMu” . It has bright and fresh dark yellow and light yellow colors; especially the light yellow dotted with white. The distribution of fiber is inclined and the growth ring is ellipse shaped. The appearance of the veneer looks golden silk, luxurious and elegant. This type of veneer is brighter than African “AYouS”/ “Obeche”.
 3. Products with birch face and back
  There are 3 color variations with several grades: white birch , natural birch and red birch.
  (1). White birch: A/B,B/B,B/C,C/C,C/D,C/E,B/D,D/D,D/E,E/E. There are yellowish-white and white colors. The fiber is thin and dense with clear and natural growth ring. It is smooth silky to the touch, and yet the veneer is solid and hard.; better effect with transparent lacquer. It appears us comfortable and warm to eyes.
  (2). Natural birch: A/B,B/B,B/C,C/C,C/D,C/E,B/D,D/D,D/E,E/E. With more brownish but less yellowish grains on the veneers.; the whole feeling is grave but not out of vividness.
  (3). Red birch: A/B,B/B,B/C,C/C,C/D,C/E,B/D,D/D,D/E,E/E. All brownish colors, like red oak, but smoother than it; dense grain and hard material seem elegant and high sense.
  In a word, they are all suitable for furniture and high-grade decoration.
 4. LVL
  LVL is a kind of material with longitudinal fiber and specifications with 1220X2440MM and 1250X2500MM. Poplar is the main material for face and back with seamlessly grinding and jointing core. This kind of board is essential to the furniture and decoration depends on the longitudinal structure and light character.

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